bangalore magic

14-16 jun 2011, amrita vidyalayam, bengaluru

bangalore was so different. the atmosphere and weather were like that of an ac room. the tress are green, plants are with different beautiful and fragrant flowers. special classes were arranged for talks and iam mediation sessions with the children of amrita vidyalayam. some time we went to the class or they come to a common hall. btw there are four of us on the trip – yogamritaji, mukeshji, manojji and my self.

handling children were not easy. if you have two child you know, if it is nearly 200 children of the same age with different tastes and diff backgrounds — imagine the headache. so sometime you have to be more mischievous. then the children realise that they have failed, you have won. then they will listen. without shouting, scolding or beating, to get them for what you are there for. its an art. manoj-ji is an expert in that.

after 3 days classes we were rushing to catch the train for the next place. when we came to the car parking are, the whole batch of 8, 9, and 10 students are there – waiting there to say good bye. some of them started crying.. we were trying our best to make them smile. and lo! look at the school building, all the 3 floors are full with children from all the classes. they came out of their own, and was waving from the balcony. practically the whole school was saying ‘om namah sivaya’. the teachers came out to veranda to find out whats happening. they could not believe their eyes what made their children spontaneously do this. their jaws dropped. they also started waving at us.

this is what amma can do. a miracle of transformations. we know that have done nothing special. but she was doing it.


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Swamiji…we really liked your presence at our school..
Me and my friends cherish those memories even today.