its ok if your IQ is little less; enjoy life, help others

today we visited a differently able school with the students of amrita vidyalayam, kochi.

at first, students were reluctant, but after few minutes, they started interacting.. asking names, singing songs, playing mimicry, imitating michael jackson, fighting with pancha gusthi.. encouraging the differently-abled at each step. many of inmates are beyond their teens, but their brain has not developed enough and many have physical deformities. interestingly they all help each other in their activities, encourages each other to come up, which most of the IQ people lack in this world, unfortunately.

students interacting with
students joining the laughter with a differently abled girl

the avm children also collect rice and grocery items and donate to this institution regularly, where more than 80% of the inmates are from a poor family.   this way avm students will see the reality of life, and also will help them to develop love and compassion for the suffering.

after the visit, keerthana from 6th std had an interesting note. she said, “all of the inmates are enjoying, they are happy in spite of the disabilities.”

it was true though.

there is nothing to worry if your IQ is a little less, but are you able to enjoy life? that’s important. get rid of the unnecessary thinking and IQ stuff, if it can’t help others and able to enjoy life.

30 jun 2016

imitating a blind man singing
imitating a blind man singing
girls singing
girls singing
mimicry performance
mimicry performance
with the differently abled
a selfie with the differently abled
bus trip
singing in the bus on the way
a selfie from the bus