Luv in Vallikkavu

I decided to go to the concret seva at the Amrita Setu and take some shots to put up on the website. The work was in full swing. I shot some pics.

Seeing the work and enthusiasm of the people, there was an irresistible pull. I switched off my camera, hung it around my neck, took the shovel and started off. I felt like becoming brick in the bridge of compassion of Amma.

The bridge is Amma’s compassion for the villagers.

Most of the newcomer Brahmacharis and devotees were wondering… ‘How come he is doing it so fast and efficiently?’
Probably they don’t know the history of the ashram….
In the early days, Amma and the Brahmacharis were doing all the concreting work for the main ashram building and for the A flats. That too involved all the unloading and carrying of the materials and cement from the boat for the concrete work across the backwaters. There were no machines for concreting. Everything was done manually.

Last night at I met Mr. Luv (or Lavan in Malayalam) under the bridge. He is the engineer in-charge of constructing Amrita Setu. We had a 15 minutes discussion about the bridge. He thought that the next days concrete work would be over by 4 pm.

Btw, an interesting thing..
Remember? Sri Rama constructed the bridge to Sri Lanka. Monkey Neelan was the engineer.
Now Amma is constructing the bridge across Vallikkavu backwaters. Luv is the engineer.
( Luv is the name of Sri Rama’s son.)

Sri Rama had monkeys for the seva; Amma has her children.

17 sep 2006