Many Faces of Amma

It was in Kanyakumari, I was updating the web site, sitting in the left corner of the stage. Amma was giving darshan. I can see Amma, she occasionally turning around – and I look at Her. The prasad line is stretching all the way from Amma to where I am sitting, and beyond, then curls around. One lady who appeared to be in her 40s, came from the prasad line, saw me working at the computer. She asked if I was updating the web site. I replied ‘Yes’. ‘Why was the posting for Ramanathapuram late?’ I was half surprised that someone out of the blue would just come up and inquire, and half happy that people are so eager and anxious to hear news about Amma. I responded that Ramanathapuram was just posted earlier that day, and Kanyakumari is just going up now. She nodded her head. She came back after giving prasad and said, ‘You should not put crying photos of Amma on the Mother-page.’
Why? I asked
“I Don’t want to see Amma crying”
“It’s not your mother who is crying. It’s theirs”
I was sure that she didn’t get it quite what i was saying. it was obvious from the pale look on her face. so i explained.
” Amma is like a mirror – she reflects. When you are in pain, Amma cries with you. When you are smiling, She smiles with you. That’s why you feel connected with Amma. If she is smiling with you, she’s may be crying with someone else. Understand that your Mother is great. She has many faces.”
She left the stage. I don’t know whether she was able to understand what i was saying.

After the program, as we were leaving the venue, i saw her standing there in the line to say goodbye to amma. i smiled at her. She reflected it.

8 Feb 2007, Kanya Kumari