Aswatha the witness

peepal tree at amritapuri

 Peepal Tree: Witness of the Ashram Growth
When I first came to the ashram this peepal tree was there. This tree was so skinny and was bout 8 feet high. It was then not in the ashram compound. It stood jut outside the ashram, by the palm leaf thatched wall of a teashop run by Parameswaran. During the period of my visit, before joining the Ashram, I used to go to this shop and drink black tea, put and payar (steamed rice cake and green grams – special food of Kerala) after the Devi Bahava darshan. After making tea, Parameswaran used to throw tealeaf waste on to this. It survived all those hardships. Now, this has grown big and now stands inside the ashram compound witnessing the growth of the ashram into a worldwide mission.

peepal tree
tea stall
Parameswaran making chai