opening the eyes

29 feb, bharata yatra 2008, mumbai

mumbai was too hot. luckily there were little mosquitos this time.
at the end of darshan, a little boy sitting on his fathers hip told amma that he knows mantras. he chanted ‘lokah samasthah sukhino bhavanthu.’ amma told him, “its not enough to chant the mantra; you have serve the world.”

there was a cute scene during the baby feeding. a baby was fully asleep when he was brought to amma for feeding. amma tried to wake him up. she blew on his face, sprinkled water on his eyes, but he wouldn’t wake. amma intensified the water spray. water started dripping from his nose and eye lashes. a close-up of the baby’s face was on the big screen through the video camera. everybody, the complete hall, laughed when he ‘pretended’ that he is opening his eyes. but he slipped back to deep sleep. he was happy with the sleep. but amma was determined to wake him up. finally, after many attempts, amma woke him up. he opened his eyes and looked around with wonder. everybody clapped and cheered with joy.

isn’t the same case with all of us?

amma is trying to wake us up from the sleep of maya. we are happy with maya. but amma is determined. that is the only hope.