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My India… her culture

i feel so blessed…

i was listening to the victory speech of prime minister narendra modi ji. he was speaking to the workers of bjp this evening at the party office after a landslide victory, for the second term to rule the country.
this is what he said:
“you, the people of india have given me more faith, so more responsibility. you have filled up the shoulder bag of this sadhu with hope, desires, and resolves..

i promise you, the people of india that
1.i will not misuse my power or do anything against the law. i may make mistakes while performing action. but i will not do anything which will not suit my position and the law.

2. i will not do anything for myself.

3. every second of my life and every cell of my body is dedicated to the people of india.
whenever you evaluate me, pls evaluate against these 3.”

am still finding it difficult to control the surge of emotions, the tears of joy within me. because i know these are not just words, being in power for the last 18 years he has been living that and he will continue to live.. that is modi ji

being a citizen of india, he is my prime minister … one with such a vision, purity in the heart and efficiency in the hands, culture and matured, selfless to the core, dedication of this level… i see the dawn of india becoming the viswa guru. am sure, it is not far away.
i feel blessed to have such a prime minister
vande maataram.

Hanuman and Sri Rama

यत्र यत्र रघुनाथकीर्तनं तत्र तत्र कृतमस्तकांजलिम्
वाष्पवारिपरिपूर्णालोचनं मारुतिं नमत राक्षसान्तकम्

Wherever praise of Lord Rama is sung,
With head bowed and folded palms in veneration, eyes filled with tears of devotion,
I salute that Maruti, who is the son of wind, who destroyed the demons.

Sri Rama asked Hanuman ji once…
Who are you?
he said
when i consider my self as body .. i am your servant
when i consider my self as jeeva.. i am your part
when i consider my self as atma .. i am yourself.
there is no confusion in this understanding.

such a disciple and a guru are not two, but one !! Jai Sri Ram !!

sitaram kedilya

with Sri Sitaram Kedilya at Amritapuri. He has a remarkable feat of traveling 23,100 km by foot from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and back, visiting 2350 villages in just 5 years!! the journey was undertaken to know India, be Indian, and to awaken India to the status of Jagat-guru.

17 Jul 2017, Amritapuri

Ajantha & Ellora – the wonders of the world

The beautiful Ajantha and Ellora Temple caves, architecture and paintings.
One of the unrecognised wonders of the world of Indian cultural heritage.
This Ellora caves should have been the icon of India’s tourism. When you read the story you will understand it.

stunning poetry in Suchindram temple stones

30 jun 2013

am here in the amritavidyalyam, kanyakumari, came to interact with kids.
it was a ‘free’ day. decided to go to suchindram temple. a very famous one. this holy place is only 13 km from Kanyakumari. its believed that indra got purified from here. hence the name – suchi – indra. he met the trinities – brahma, vishu and maheswara here thus purified. the name of the diety is sthanu-mal-aryan meaning siva-vishu-brahma respectively.

i had been there in my teens. but i dont remember all that i have seen. only the music pillar was there in my mind.
i wanted to see that again.

​​many music pillars are there in the temple, carved out of a single granite block which is about 20 feet tall.
each pillar is different. one like the music notes of a piano. another one you have to tap with your fist between two different size pillars. in the middle there is a small pillar. your hand just touches the 3rd small pillar…ahah the sound comes. another like ‘jala tarang’ 4 rings are on a pillar. you tap with your nails. it will sound exactly like in jala tarang – (playing music with water in porcelain vessel). unfortunately people have broken 3 of those rings who have no respect for art, culture.

yet another pillar having 32 small pillars! small pillars in one big granite stone, which is a support pillar of the temple roof. it has 32 diff notes!! wooowwwww…. its like a peetham on which all these 32 poles stand connect at the upper part to the bigger piece of the single granite. how its hard for the hand to get in and play on each pole. how did they chiseled it out, and made it to perfection.? ( this is locked inside a net to protect it from the people!! ). the temple has 2 pillars like that.

architectural marvel
another stunning exquisite workmanship is on few statues… what is the speciality? they look ordinary. but if you insert a small iron wire or a thin stick in the left ear, it comes out through the nose! if you insert it in the right ear it come out through the left ear! remember its done in a single stone image. (this also people have pushed all sort of things into the ears and the authorities have blocked the approach to the statue. very sad)

another statue where you can insert a wire in an ear, it comes out through the other. another – a salabhanjika- lady standing with a lap. she has a nose ring. you can insert a a wire in the rose.
another is a statue, which is one among the 4 big statues, part of a 20 feet pillar. the statue is standing with folded palms – like namste. the beauty is when the light falls on the hands from a side, you can see the finger nails tips like that of a human being.. transparent!!!! brilliant is int it?

also i sow ganeswari, a statue with elephant face and woman body. another ganesha is having a nandi pratishta in front of him. usually nandi you will find only in front of shiva. another, hanuman is going though the mouth and coming out of the ear of a rakshasi on his way to lanka.

statue of kama deva and his consort rati devi is so exquisite. i havent seen the statue of kama deva anywhere else. statues of arujuna and karna also decorates the same mandap.

the hanuman image in this temple is 22 feet tall. you need a ladder to climb up and do the daily pujas. this beautiful, single granite block image which has been buried during the muslim invasion and was reinstalled around 88 years ago.

so many more special idols there – both big and small- conveying art and engineering, beauty and skill of our ancient masters.

remember all these are done on granite!!

next one is the nandi. 13 feet high, 21 feet long and 10 feet wide. its not granite but is made of lime and mortar. its one of the biggest of its kind.

the guide told me that during the regime of Ayilyam Thirunaal Maharajah of Travancore, a lottery scheme was introduced to raise funds for rebuilding the temple. it was in in 1875, and a sum of over rs 40,000 was raised. that was the first lottery in india. then kerala lottery came. and other state lotteries consequently.

when you visit these temples without any prejudice, you will stand in awe to the past of india. why did we loose the connection? how we lost it? questions we need to ponder seriously.

(unfortunately the temple authorities won’t allow the camera inside. i wonder really do they know what they are depriving to the society? a chance to talk about our great culture. no one in this world are going to recreate this sculpture. then why this restrictions? by allowing the pic, no damage it will create to those sculptures. will they reconsider this?)

~ dhyanamrita

visit to Kurushetra, the dharmakshetra

it was an inner call to visit kurushetra. recent gita class has been propelling my heart to be there at the battle field where sri krishna delivered the wisdom of gita to arjuna.

kurushetra entrace

entrace to Kurushetra city in Hariyana  from – Delhi – Chandigargh  highway

kurushetra welcomes

Kurushetra welcomes you with Sudarshana Chakra

gita sthal: where sri krihsna supposed to have given the upadesh to arjuna. a vata vruksh is standing there, supposed to be very old

the surrounding areas are paddy fields. some buildings are also there around. imagine, 18 akshounihi armies were arrayed there. and krishna and arjuna standing in the middle of the battle field. the war was about to begin. when you visualise this you will hear the din and roar of that battle field, the bugles, cry of the horses and elephants. there sri krishna is telling arujna – … intelligent will not lament over the dead nor for the living. i could hear this. wow. feels so inspired and energised.
gita sthal


this bronze statue is more than 20 feet tall

gita krishna

gita sthal

Gita upadesh took place here

gita sthal

Gita upadesh sthal

gita sthal

gita sthal

gita sthal

gita stha,



saraswati river was flowing through kurushetra. its about 48 kos, and many theerthas (sacred water bodies) in kurushetra. it is considered as a sacred place – dharma kshetra. thats why war was decided to be conducted here, being a dharmic place. the war was for dharma.

kurushetra 48 kos

the map of kurushetra


brahma sarovar – lake

brahma sarovar.
its huuuuuuuuge. i walked along the banks, took half an hour to cover less than quarter of the sarovar. so it will take two hours at least to cover the whole sarovar.
this is where soldiers used to take bath every day after the war.

brahma sarovar

brahma sarovar – lake

brahma sarovar

brahma sarovar – lake

brahma sarovar

brahma sarovar – lake

brahma sarovar

brahma sarovar – lake

drupadi kund: this is where draupadi supposed to have washed her hair, after it was smeared with dussana’s blood.

pandava mandir: temple for pandavas

pandava mandir

pandava mandir

bhishma kund: where bhismha was lying in sarasayya, bed of arrows, arjun brought ganga to the son of ganga when he was thirsty.
sri krishna took pandavas to bhishma. seeing sri krihsna bheeshma started crying. arjuna asked krishna why he is crying, is it paining too much?. ‘you ask him’ said krishna.

bheeshma said ‘”in spite of sri krishna being with the side of pandavas, their sorrow has not subsided. i cant understand Krishna’s maya. thats why i cry”


bhishma in the bed of arrows

lying on that bed of arrows for 41 days, before he left his body, he taught yudhisthira how to rule the kingdom, and vishnu sahara nam.

bana ganga

bana ganga: from where the ganga came to appease the thirst of bhishma

panorama: exhibition of mahabarata

the mahabharata war is painted on a circular wall, continuously, from day 1 to 18. there is an interesting painting – on 12 day skri krishna was hit by vaishnavastra, send by bhagadathha to kill arjuna, turned into vaijayanthi mala.

archeology dept have excavated jarasandha nagar, the kingdom of jarasandh in rajgir, bihar dist.

in kankali excavation a stone carving was found which dates back to 1st century – sri krihsna is being taken across yamuna. and a govardhanadhari krishna of 4th century.

mahabalipuram or malallapuram

beautiful gopuram of the temple.


sealed by

sealed temple, mamalla puram

the temple. now it is closed. no daily puja or any thing is conducted here.


Pancha Rathas (Five Chariots) – five monolithic pyramidal structures named after the Pandavas (Arjuna, Bhima, Yudhishtra, Nakula and Sahadeva) and Draupadi. Despite their sizes they are not assembled — each of these is carved from one single large piece of stone.


Pancha Rathas (Five Chariots) – five monolithic pyramidal structures named after the Pandavas (Arjuna, Bhima, Yudhishtra, Nakula and Sahadeva) and Draupadi. Despite their sizes they are not assembled — each of these is carved from one single large piece of stone.


the prakara is sooo small. a view from one point along the prakaram.


during the rule of the pallavas, great poets, dramatists, artists, artisans, scholars and saints emerged.


the pallavas are the pioneers and forerunners of new styles both in art and architecture.




ganesh temple
this whole temple is built on a single stone, including the diety – ganesh. wow.


stone cravings
Stone cravings of mahabali puram


stone light house
a lighthouse in stone, mahabali puram
stone monkey
stone monkey..


god is every where
God is everywhere.
beautiful stone images of gods and goddesses are for sale on the road side.


Stone Ball on the rock.

Oct 2011.

Baneswar trip

21 jun 2010. baneswar, 45 km from pune

with vidyamrita swami we visited some tribal villages in the area to see what service program we can do here.

We visited this tribal colony where 25 families live.

the tribals reverently with Sw. Vidyamritananda

we are planning to support this colony

beautiful scenic place

visited a tribal school. 20 students are there in one class ranging from 2nd standard to 7th standard. they sit on the floor. they have only one teacher. they make use of full class room space. look at the walls. each section is for each standards!! OMG. the 3rd girl on the front raw walks 7 km to reach the school. she lives on the mountain. later  i learned that the man behind the india’s super computer studied in such a village school. so its not the school, but learning is important.

happy kids

with br. eknath

just wide open, innocent

with the happy kids under a beautiful mango tree

on the way we saw the fort of Chatrapati Sivaji

Chatrapati Sivaji

on top

the govt is building a dam here.

we had few meetings with the officials, tribal volunteers, govt servants. the journey was worthwhile — seeing new people, breathing unpolluted air, seeing the beauty of nature, with the mind of helping the suffering.
jai amma

Sarasvati River

A very interesting eight-minute movie is based on a series of Sarasvati Darshan Exhibition posters documenting scientific evidence of the Sarasvati River from a number of disciplines including geologists, hydrologists and ground water specialists. The posters also show artifacts and archaeological evidence from the area.

lokah samastha sukhino bhavanthu