fulfilment of a dream in Ayodhya

it was in May of 1979 when I first visited Ayodhya. the temple of Lord Sri Ram temple was not there, it was just iron fencing surrounding the statue of Ram Lala, guarded by few police officers with guns.

the top of the statue was covered with just a blue tarpaulin, an image that is still vivid in my mind.

in 1979

i remember standing, feeling helpless and sad about our Sri Ram, as we were not allowed to go near the statue and had to be at a distance of 50 meters.

a few drops of tears rolled down my cheeks to the ground, as I sincerely prayed and wished to see the real temple of Sri Rama come up there. That was a long time ago… 41 years !!!

in 2000

on two other occasions I tried to go, but could not even enter that area.

with a lot of tapas and sacrifice of so many good people, today is the stone laying ceremony for the foundation of Sri Rama temple in Ayodhya.
the very birthplace of Sri Rama who has inspired millions and millions of people, who influenced our culture, music, arts, tradition, lifestyle, family and everything else.

for me Rama means everything, when we learn Sanskrit, we begin with रामः रामौ रामाः

even in the modern age Ram & Sita are relevant, computers cannot work without RAM! SITA is also a system integrated teaming assistant

in 2020

i am very happy and overjoyed to see that, at last, our land has recognised its master and decided to honour him. may he continue to inspire the coming generations to live the life of dharma.

Jai Sri Ram… finally !


Sri Rama Navami

One of the most influential characters of history who held the fabric of values and family relations ships even after 8000 years !!! Without Sri Rama and Sri Krishna, all our literature, dance, music, sculptures, festivals all will be void. They are the fabric of our culture. Sri Rama showed man can become God. Sri Krishna showed God can come down to man. Both are fantastic.

Today is his Avatara Day.. happy Rama Navami.
साधूनां परित्राणाय, दुष्कृतां विनाशाय, धर्म-संस्थापन-अर्थाय च, अहं युगे युगे सम्भवामि । (Gita 4.0-8)

Read more about Sri Rama in these 14 days of lockdown. How he lived his 14 years in the forest will be very interesting. Valmiki Maharshi is the one who wrote Sri Rama’s biography. He wrote, taught this to Sri Rama’s children – Lav & Kush. They recited this in front of Sri Rama and he approved it. That is Valmiki Ramayan. Have look at this wonderful scripture


Hanuman and Sri Rama

यत्र यत्र रघुनाथकीर्तनं तत्र तत्र कृतमस्तकांजलिम्
वाष्पवारिपरिपूर्णालोचनं मारुतिं नमत राक्षसान्तकम्

Wherever praise of Lord Rama is sung,
With head bowed and folded palms in veneration,
eyes filled with tears of devotion,
I salute that Maruti, who is the son of wind,
who destroyed the demons.

Sri Rama asked Hanuman ji once…
Who are you?
he said
देहबुद्ध्या तु दासोऽहं जीव बुद्ध्या तवदंशकः
आत्मबुद्ध्या त्वमेवाहम् इति मे निश्चितामति:
when i consider my self as body .. i am your servant
when i consider my self as jeeva.. i am your part
when i consider my self as atma .. i am yourself.
there is no confusion in this understanding.

such a disciple and a guru are not two, but one !! Jai Sri Ram !!


I only contemplate on Rāma

“I don’t know the day of the week, the phase of the moon, or the position of the stars; I only contemplate on Rāma.” – Hanuman

Happy Hanuman Jayanthi