unforgettable celebration

17 mar, chavakkad – bharata yatra 2009

its always a surprise with amma. on the way to mananthavadi, amma stopped at the chavakkad amrita vidyalayam for lunch. the rest of the caravan was yet to come. imagine what happened there?

the school was in session.  it was the teachers who came out to amma first. they came out of the class rooms to amma’s car.
amma asked them to go back to the classes. she went to a shady are in the school playground and sat there. the children were very much excited to see amma. they started coming out of the classroom to the veranda on all 3 floors, waving to amma. amma told them in a kind of sign language that she will see them later. children are always assertive, creative… they started chanting ‘om amriteswaryai namah’ with love. you could feel it. amma was restless, because of their ‘pull’. she said ‘call them ‘ and you know what happened?

they started coming in line from each class. amma gave them each a sweet and  made them sit around her. some children started to attract her attention by singing bhajans. around 2000 kids came, from 1st standard to 12th standard.

it was a time of jubilant celebration for all. at the end, amma started to sing ‘devi devi devi jaganmohini’. the children responded by clapping. amma wanted to see all of them, but she could not do so from the chair. so she stood up on the  chair, continuing to lead “samsara sagaram taranam cheyyuvan neraya margam kattane devi.

it was an unforgettable day for all the children and the teachers for sure. and for us too, because it was the first time amma ever visited any school during  class hours.

~ dhyanamrita