Baneswar trip

21 jun 2010. baneswar, 45 km from pune

with vidyamrita swami we visited some tribal villages in the area to see what service program we can do here.

We visited this tribal colony where 25 families live.

the tribals reverently with Sw. Vidyamritananda

we are planning to support this colony

beautiful scenic place

visited a tribal school. 20 students are there in one class ranging from 2nd standard to 7th standard. they sit on the floor. they have only one teacher. they make use of full class room space. look at the walls. each section is for each standards!! OMG. the 3rd girl on the front raw walks 7 km to reach the school. she lives on the mountain. later  i learned that the man behind the india’s super computer studied in such a village school. so its not the school, but learning is important.

happy kids

with br. eknath

just wide open, innocent

with the happy kids under a beautiful mango tree

on the way we saw the fort of Chatrapati Sivaji

Chatrapati Sivaji

on top

the govt is building a dam here.

we had few meetings with the officials, tribal volunteers, govt servants. the journey was worthwhile — seeing new people, breathing unpolluted air, seeing the beauty of nature, with the mind of helping the suffering.
jai amma

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Referring to the class room picture : It’s not even the learning that matters, it’s the teachers.. 🙂 If one good teacher is there she/he can inspire students to learn.. no matter what the facilities are.. If there are bad teachers; no matter what the facilities are many kids will be spoiled…..

@Next Door Nerd ys thats true. our education were teacher centered, not subject or student centered. ‘modernism’ spoiled all that 😛