why puja if you can smile?

8 june 2011, mangalore

am trying to blog after a long time. some how i was not feeling inspired to write. or time was not permitting me? i dont know. may be both played a role?

now three days with children at mangalore, i thought will share some thoughts with you.

talking to children is always challenging. that’s one of the reasons why i love it. it helps you to encounter the unknown corners of your ignorance. you start thinking in a new line altogether. the children are innocent. their questions are from their heart. they are eager to know. they can bring in light to you!! my experience is that you should never bluff with the kids. if you dont know, tell them that you dont know.

Amrita Vidyalayam kids of Mangalore. Chintan on extream left

i was talking to the kids, told them how important is to smile in life, and how they should keep smiling throughout out life. inspired them from the life of sri krishna, and our amma.
and i reminded them that smiling child is the dearest to god, thus says sri krishna in gita, not the crying one. never cry in your life. always keep a smile. also reminded them how a smile can make them beautiful.
so chintan (12), a 7th std girl asked me ‘then swamiji, what is the use of homas and pujas? is it enough that we smile?
wow !! i made every one clap and appreciate her question.

told her “yes if you can smile with the right understanding in all situations it is sufficient. if you cannot smile, you do homas and pujas and come to know that — god is doing everything, he is the doer, we are the instruments, he is the one who is giving the result. and we learn to ‘accept’ whatever life brings to us as god’s prasad. then you will start smiling. acceptance is the key”

i kind of reinforced the idea that happy and smiling one is the dearest to god quoting gita. in victory you have to smile, in defeat also you have to smile. only if you can smile in defeat, you will be able to win again. smile when you lose, you will be able to gain again. smile in your sorrows, you will be happy again. this is what you should do as an ammas child.

if you can smile, god will be flowing thorough your actions.

she was happy, i was enlightened.