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at amrita vidyalayam kochi

during the 4day sessions at Amrita Vidyalayam, Kochi, we discussed about life, goals in life, goal of life, happiness, success, acceptance, smile 4 success etc.

30 jun 2016




proud of you gaurango

i met Gaurango Banergi at Amrita University campus in coimbatore. he invited me to see his poster presentation of his mba projet. gaurango explained abt his project which a beautiful combination of marketing, media, analytics, connecting the need of a healthy society, trending etc. i felt proud abt him growing in to an educated, matured, sensible good citizen … the same gaurango i met in late 1998 when he was at amrita vidyalayam, kodungallur.. may amma’s blessings be there with you to achieve unimaginable heights and success in your life.


posted both pics. gaurango is biting his finger nails in the pic below. (even today he does so)



the hand that gives, unites: with india’s first hand transplant patients

it was a pleasant meeting- abdul rahim and manu- these two with special hands. abdul rahim and manu, both who lost both of their hands – one while diffusing land mine and other trying to protect a girl from anti social elements. their hands were replace at amrita hospital. this is the first hand transplant in south aisa, that too on a dark skin. now both live a ‘normal life’. they came to meet amma in kochi.

they gave me a hand shake. it was sooo strong, a typical military hand shake.


the hand that gives are the hands that unites: a selfi with manu and abdul rahim

now addul rahim, who is from afghanistan has fell in love with amma and india. manu was given a job at amrita hospital as a counsellor by amma.

if you think about it, its a wonder how brain accepted a ‘foreign body’ as its own and functioning, co-ordinating the impulses perfectly.

thanks to amrita team of doctors who made it happen. all amma’s grace.

read the news about manu & abdul rahim, india’s first double hand transplant.

awareness helps you avoid crash landing

the other day i heard that a boat has crashed in to the land! today i went there to see, just 10 minutes walk from the ashram. the boat was going for fishing. the driver fell asleep. the boat lost the direction, crashed into the land. thousands of liters of diseal, tonnes of ice.. all in water. all men escaped. but the boat is unusable.

this is what happens in life. you have all the potential within to achieve. but if you are not aware enough, you keep crashlanding. some times you may survive.




29 Apr 2016, Amritapuri

Philipose Mar Chrysostom is turning 99

Today Revered Philipose Mar Chrysostom is turning 99!!. Happy birthday Thirumeni.
May your innocence, humour, wisdom, broadmindedness and the courage inspire the world to live more harmoniously.


Tirumeni, i remember what you said about Amma when you came for Amritavarsham60 celebrations: “Some people are born and then they die. (Only those two things, they have done nothing else.) You look at their tombstone and see ‘Born on –‘and ‘Died on –‘. But there are people, like Amma, who are born, who truly live, and then pass on. Amma is living now, I do not know if She will live or die. But, people like me, are looking forward to death –because of this cruel world. Why? Today, the world has sunk deeper into despair. There is no world, there is no humanity, and there are no values. But, because of Amma, humans are human; values are still values; world is still our world. From today, Kerala must awaken, become different from yesterday. {more about Tirumeni here)


stack chair, post a photo

at the end of darshan in jaipur amma asked all devotees to help to stack the chairs which was used at the program grounds. there were thousands..
and she specifically asked me to go and take chairs. i did. then came the second command. take a pic and post on fb! lol.. here it is ..
even if we cannot do everything guru says, whatever possible we must do na?


may her grace be there with us always.
2 april 2016, jaipur.

lunch with the cm

with Amma i visited the house of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav in Lucknow on 10th April 2016. Amma had 90 minutes discussion with him on education, health, environment, wisdom of our culture…

this young dynamic chief minister may have the compassion and will to serve the people of India.


After Amma left, he invited us for lunch with him. he was kind enough to share his time with us where we had lunch with his family. He even had arranged special south indian cook to prepare food for us.
here is a selfi with Akhilesh Yadav ji

Hanuman Jayanthi


today is Hanuman Jayanthi. There is place in Hampi called Anjanadri, a mountain upon which Hanuman is believed to have been born.

Hanuman is symbol of shraddha, dedication, efficiency, commitment, devotion, knowledge and action – a perfect example of disciple hood. i feel that the youth should take up celebrating Hanuman jayanthi like we do for Sri Rrishna and Sri Rama.

Sri Rama needed a bridge to go Lanka while Hanuman needed just Gurumantra.
May we all have that kind of faith and devotion to our guru.

Siyapati Ramachandra Ki Jai…
Pavanasuta Hanuman Ki Jai.


Why June 21st is International Day of Yoga?

Why 21st?
June 21st marks the transition of Sun from Uttarayana to Dakshinayana. This is the day Lord Shiva supposed to have first taught to his disciples according to Aagamas. Hence June 21st is the Birthday of Yoga. Lord Shiva taught 84.000 asanas to his consort Parvati, according to Hatha Yoga Pradeepika.


What is yoga?
Integration of body, mind and intellect with the Self/Atman. All the exercises is for that.

Today Bharat has ascended to the status of JagatGuru again.
India never conquered any countries / nations with sword, but by spirituality & yoga spreading the message of peace & love she has always conquered the world and will continue to conquer.

Vande Maataram !!  वन्दे मातरं

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lokah samastha sukhino bhavanthu